How to Increase the Return on Investment of Your Enterprise Application

Last Updated May 08, 2023

Every company that has invested in workplace mobility solutions is looking for an answer to the question, "How can enterprise mobile apps boost ROI?" Many firms investing in digital platforms are concerned about increasing their Return on Investment (ROI) through corporate apps. While the importance of enterprise applications in growing your business is well understood by businesses of all kinds, there is a gap in understanding how enterprise mobility solutions are evaluated and how these mobile apps can improve your organization's ROI. 

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Let us see How to Increase the Return on Investment of Your Enterprise Application:
1. How to Calculate the Return on Investment of Your Enterprise App
2. How Can Enterprise Mobile Apps Help You Make More Money
3. Conclusion  

How to Calculate the Return on Investment of Your Enterprise App 

Your Enterprise App's Return on Investment  We're going to show you a process that we use to help our corporate mobile app development clients determine the ROI of their apps. A three-step process is used to determine the ROI of your corporate apps. The first step is to figure out how much it cost you to create it, which you can accomplish by looking at any cost of mobile app development paperwork. You'll need to go back and review the invoice from the enterprise software development company you worked with. The next step is to assess the value of the enterprise app's output. Enlisting KPIs is one approach to accomplish this. 

Here are some examples of KPIs that can be used. 

Number of sales 

Quantity of paperwork 

Field technicians' response time 

Cost of production 

The final stage begins once you have the before and after data for these and other KPIs.Calculating the ROI is the final step in determining the ROI of workplace mobile apps. To do so, you'll have to measure the benefits against the cost of developing enterprise apps. This will assist you in calculating the ROI of your enterprise mobility solutions, which will help organizations and their enterprise mobile app development partners lay the groundwork for developing ways to boost the ROI of an enterprise app. 

How Can Enterprise Mobile Apps Help You Make More Money? 

It is possible to choose how to improve the ROI of enterprise apps.

A. Continue to improve the app.

Making a plan for continuous iteration is the first step in enhancing the ROI of your workplace application. Keep track of which features employees interact with the most and what their opinions are. And, based on that information, adjust the application feature delivery milestones to guarantee that all of the points raised by employees are addressed in a timely manner. In other words, don't expect your application to be perfect the first time around. You'll have to maintain doing A-B testing to make sure the best of it gets to the staff and the rest of the firm.

B. Encourage staff to participate more.

One of the most common misconduct. Employee participation is one of the most significant issues that enterprise apps confront. Employees, especially Gen X employees, are notorious for showing little interest in anything that requires them to depart from the status quo. Healthy competition is one of the most effective methods for increasing involvement. You can gamify the entire experience by setting competitions in terms of percent of participation between domains inside the firm. When you combine competition with a set of extremely useful features, the number of people who participate is bound to increase. 

C. Provide a faster service 

The pace of today's digital-first age is ideal. Whether you're looking to consume material or communicate with others, the option is that it will be ready to go right away. Low speed is not taken lightly by them. Enterprise software developers should consider reducing picture sizes and removing unneeded features that slow down the application load speed to improve performance and hence enterprise mobile ROI. 

D. Work on the UI/UX of the app. 

Working on the UI and UX of your app is another fundamental technique to ensure its acceptability – at least in terms of aesthetics and appeal. The UI/UX of your app should be designed in such a way that users can effortlessly transition from one screen to the next with minimal interruption. In addition, the design of your enterprise application should be intuitive enough for users to know where to go, which screen to click next, and what to do next. 

E. Create app segments that are domain-specific. 

One of the most prevalent concerns among enterprise app users is the presence of various feature sets in a single application — sets that are frequently not built for a specific team but for all.As a result, most domain teams end up viewing and avoiding multiple feature sets that have no bearing on their job. So having numerous screens within an application that are individually curated to answer a certain domain rather than all helps. Employees will be able to log in and out quickly, which is a must-have in an enterprise app that is designed to be a facilitator rather than a bottleneck. 

F. Continue working on the feature set 

There are a few. sophisticated features that merely boost the likelihood that your program will be valued by employees. Here are a few examples: 

Here are a few examples: 

Directory of Contacts 

Room for Meetings Broadcast & Announcement by the Bug Reporting Company 

Connect on Social Media

G. Incorporate interactive technologies. 

The final technique for making your application interactive is to incorporate technologies that are known to increase application interaction levels. When we were developing our first enterprise application, this method seemed to perform wonders. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and so forth. Employees interact with your service on a much deeper level when such technologies are enjoyable in nature. 

H. Make the app more secure 

The true return on investment for enter based on the level of its security For a company to create a loyal client base, it must ensure excellent security and zero security breaches. Unhackable security is not only a must-have feature but also a major way of improving the enterprise app's ROI. An enterprise app is created to handle a variety of personal business data that, if lost, may be terrible for a company. In any business domain, intelligent approaches and strategies can have a beneficial impact on ROI. Using the Syoft ERP system, Ikea was able to give real-time product availability information to its users and make customer onboarding simple, all while supporting IKEA's marketing and promotion initiatives. 


As previously stated, the ROIprise app development A number of things influence the performance of your corporate application. One important feature is to provide a smooth user-friendly experience so that no one hesitates to use the app. You should also keep an eye on which features in the app are used the most by visitors. This form of monitoring will help you better understand their needs, which will then allow you to update your app to reflect current technology developments. One of the most successful ways for having an enterprise application that provides optimal ROI is to prepare your program for future developments. If your firm intends to go to the cloud, invest in IoT, or use cloud computing, it's critical to look at the function enterprise software will play. As a result of your efficiency-driven enterprise mobile app strategy, you are now theoretically equipped to ace your performance goals. The only thing left to do now is to contact a reputable enterprise application development company to get started. To get on the fast track, contact our team of enterprise software development experts. 

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