How Can Mobile Apps Help Your Company's Digital Transformation?

Last Updated May 06, 2023

Every modern firm across the world is undergoing digital transformation. Regardless of industry, size, or business model, your company needs to invest in digital transformation to stay competitive. However, when you have to change your digital products to meet the needs of your clients, implementing a digital transformation process can be challenging. Here is where mobile applications come into play. Mobile apps in corporate digital transformation can help your company navigate the digital transformation process smoothly. Mobile applications are also becoming more integrated as top-tier technologies such as AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) become available. When it comes to the essence of business, there are two key components. portability and adaptability They can also hit both aims at once by putting their processes and communications on mobile apps. 

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Let us see How Can Mobile Apps Help Your Company's Digital Transformation:
1. Why businesses should include mobile apps in their digital transformation strategy
2. US market for digital transformation solutions
3. How do you get started with digital transformation with mobile apps
4. How did Syoft assist leading brands in their digital transformation

Why businesses should include mobile apps in their digital transformation strategy – 

Download statistics for mobile apps: 

Although the graph above should be enough to convince you to take mobile app development seriously, there are a few more statistics to consider. 

  • According to Business of Apps, apps account for 57 percent of digital media and traffic utilisation. 
  • Any smartphone user, on average, has over 80 apps, of which they utilise 40 per month. 
  • Every day, 21% of millennials use a smartphone application 50 times or more. 
  • While statistics show that the population is increasing.   
  • In reality, it has been demonstrated that organisations that adopt digital transformation boost their productivity and profitability. 

According to the SAP Center for Business Insights and Oxford Economics, 80% of organisations that have completed digital transformation feel their earnings have increased, and 85% believe their market share has increased. Leaders expect a 23 percent revenue boost over their competition on average. 

Study the case study: 

On that topic, let us look at the primary advantages of investing in mobile app development for digital transformation in the next part. Why should businesses invest in mobile apps as part of their digital transformation strategy? Employees may access the business's critical processes even when they are not at their workstations thanks to enterprise mobile applications. This, As a result, employee satisfaction and team productivity have improved. As a result, mobile applications play a critical role in enterprise digital transformation. Giving employees access to enterprise software boosts productivity and efficiency. These transformation apps increase their productivity by allowing them to execute activities while monitoring corporate processes from their mobile devices. Employees may take the app with them wherever they go and return to their desks whenever they choose. 

Workflow optimization:

Team leaders can use mobile software solutions to examine their team's performance and make future improvements. To eliminate human error, businesses can use workflow optimization tools to automate repetitive, monotonous tasks and create predefined rules. Increased customer satisfaction: Mobile applications help organizations improve customer satisfaction. by studying client journeys, sending targeted messaging, and sending customised push notifications, among other things Customer service has been transformed by digital mobile apps and chatbots, which provide consumers with rapid responses to their questions or demands. In brief, integrating digital apps into businesses improves the customer experience significantly. 


Mobile apps allow users to view and share content on the go, at any time, and from any location. Employees receive real-time updates as a result, allowing them to make informed decisions. Team members' tasks can be tracked and their real-time location can be displayed via digital apps. When you deal with a digital business transformation consulting firm that specialises in enterprise application development services, they will help you with all of the above, as well as transform your business. Mobility is a leading solution offering in the US digital transformation solutions market for a variety of reasons. 

US market for digital transformation solutions: 

Let's look at how mobile apps are contributing to a company's 360-degree digital transformation in the next part. 

Mobile Apps' Role in digital transformation  

Previously, organisations viewed mobile applications as a separate entity rather than a critical accelerator for digital business change. That was not the case, since a mobile app can help an organization's overall success by speeding up the digital transformation process. Keeping this in mind, we'll go over some of the ways mobile apps might help your company's digital transformation efforts. So let's get started! 

1. Making use of Mobile Apps using AI 

The advantages of employing AI to improve consumer experience are undeniable. Businesses have begun to use AI to produce intuitive mobile apps employing technologies such as natural language processing, natural language production, speech recognition technology, chatbots, and biometrics for marketing transformation. Employees will be excited, wiser, and more productive as a result of AI-powered enterprise mobility applications, which will provide them with new intelligence and capabilities. AI can help with process automation and predictive, preventative, and predictive analyses, as well as providing customers in the way they want to be served. 

2. IoT integration in mobile apps 

The era of IoT being utilised to showcase items and share information is quickly passing us by. Applications of mobile apps in The Internet of Things are continually growing. IoT transformation apps are being used by businesses to make smart equipment in their workplaces and supply chains more efficient and transparent. IoT digital apps are finding ways to increase their place in the business world, despite the fact that they are still a relatively new entrant.

3. Using real-time data to make informed judgments 

Access to real-time data analytics can give you a significant competitive advantage in today's corporate world. Mobile apps in enterprise digital transformation are an excellent tool for organisations to capture user data and engage with them via marketing transformation messages based on their app journey analytics. Real-time analytics may help you understand how your teams are functioning, analyse their productivity, and obtain first-hand feedback. into the issues, they're having with a task and how they're affecting the overall business value 

4. Improved portability 

Employees can work whenever they choose in a business ecosystem because of portability. While it has a smaller influence in the short term, it has a significant impact on a team's productivity over time. Giving employees the freedom to work at their own pace and at their own location allows them to be more creative and productive. One of the outcomes of employing software that allowed our employees to work on their own terms and schedules for us was more business development ideas and an increase in general staff productivity. 

5. Assuming the role of the digital face 

Mobile apps not only help businesses grow, but they also help people discover new opportunities. Businesses can use a mobile app digital strategy to stay in touch with their current and potential clients. As a result, they've evolved into a digital face for your company, providing the first and most important experience to your potential customers. As customers become more reliant on their mobile devices, incorporating mobile apps into your business strategy can help you improve customer engagement and gain a competitive advantage over your competition. 

How do you get started with digital transformation with mobile apps? 

If you're certain that a mobile application is an important part of your digital transformation framework, here are some recommendations to assist you to improve your growth tactics. 

Adopt a mobile-first strategy –

The main difference between winning workplace apps and those that don't is how companies don't treat apps as extensions of their websites. Their software development methodology is solely focused on mobile devices. As a result, their entire design, mobile app development, and testing processes are influenced. 

Identifying the scope of mobility —

The next piece of advice from digital transformation consulting firms is to look at your operations and workflows to see which teams, departments, or functions might benefit the most from mobility. Instead of redesigning a process that is already working, look for places where you can optimise, automate, and add value through mobility. Digital transformation efforts might be outsourced. We looked at various benefits when preparing an entrepreneur's guide to outsourcing digital transformation. However, the main benefit was that it saved organisations time and effort in addressing issues such as a lack of digital skills, restrictions in the agile transformation process, and the unwillingness to let go of outdated systems. 

How did Syoft assist leading brands in their digital transformation? 

We have produced several scalable mobile apps depending on our client's requirements as a top software and mobile app development firm. We have a highly competent team of app developers who have mastered all of the latest technologies, including AI, machine learning, IoT, and cloud, to create top-notch mobile apps that drive your digital transformation plan. By reworking the UX of Dominos' app, we were able to increase their conversion rate by 23%. This emphasised the significance of the Customers wanting a design that allows them to move quickly. Users are now spending more time in the app, placing orders and tracking them in real time. Our professionals created an end-to-end application for another customer, Adidas, for their Middle Eastern users. We built an engaging shopping experience for their customers using industry-standard technologies and frameworks on native Android and iOS.We created a smart cache management technique for quicker application performance to make the experience more immersive. On the primary landing page, we also included animations and multimedia components. The end result? To date, the app has been downloaded over 2 million times. In addition, 500k additional users have joined the company. These are only a few of the brands that are available.  

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