Syoft™ Pro Rotating Facial Brush

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"My skin was congested. I had aches and pains, bags under my eyes. And I often looked older than my age, It was really depressing and it sucked the energy out of me each time I looked in the mirror, little did I know, it's about the process not the skin creams, serums, vitamins, masks, and hot water" Angela 35 yrs. Santa Monica US

Massaging your face with a bare hand can be brutal on the skin.
Agitating your pores with a dirty or old brush can be even more disastrous.
Your skin needs gentle cleansing and soothing.
Syoft™ professional rotating facial brush was designed with professional skincare rules in mind
Because It’s not fair to look old and tired for your time

"Hands down the best 3 in 1 rotating facial brush"

With regular use, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

- make-up removal;

- Smooth and brighter skin;

- Dark spots reduction;

- Redness and swelling reduces;

- Acne and scars lessen;

- Improved skin elasticity and firmness;

- Improved blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage.

What's Included: 
1 x main device
1 x bristle brush head
2 x silicone brush heads
1 x Charging base
1 x USB Cable