4 in 1 Facial SPA Kit

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"My skin was congested. I had aches & pains, bags under my eyes. I often looked older than my age, It was really depressing it sucked the life out of me each time I looked into the mirror, little did I know, it's more about the process and less about the creams, serums, vitamins, masks, hot water..."
Angela 35 yrs. St Monica US

Massaging your face with a bare hand can be brutal on the skin.
Agitating your pores with a dirty or old brush can be even more disastrous.
Facial skin needs gentle cleansing and exfoliation.
Syoft™ professional Electric Face Brush was designed with professional skincare rules in mind
Because It’s not fair to look old and tired for your time

"Hands down the best 4 in 1 rotating facial brush"

Important: The brush is XP4 waterproof, you can use it with any cleanser, soap, mask, cream, skin care product .... however, do not fully submerge it in water. The brushes can be removed and cleaned.
how to use syoft facial cleansing brush

With regular use, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

- make-up removal;

- Smooth and brighter skin;

- Dark spots reduction;

- Redness and swelling reduced;

- Acne and scars lessen;

- Improved skin elasticity and firmness;

- Improved blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage.

What's Included: 
1 x Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush(Main Unit)
1 x Fiber Brush Head
1 x Soft Bamboo Head
1 x Silicone Brush Head
1 x Rolling Massage Head
1 x USB Cable