Enterprise Android apps are clearly in demand, and more and more business owners are welcoming them with open arms. Although Android is the most popular platform, it only accounts for about 80% of worldwide mobile markets. Even Nevertheless, when it comes to enterprise android development, iOS comes out on top in terms of quality, and the main reason for this is security concerns. However, things have recently improved, albeit there are still some obstacles.

Consider why a corporate app should be designed in Android.


Though the most recent Android smartphone results take into account the following two issues. Nonetheless, there are numerous obstacles to overcome. Take a peek.

  • Android cellphones are affordable, and practically everyone carries one with them these days.
  • BYOD (bring your own device) is allowing an increasing number of employees to choose which devices they bring to work.
  • Another consideration is cost; iPhones start at $500, while Android devices range from $75 to $500. This is why businesses are making the switch to Android.


Why android, one might wonder. What is the size of the Android enterprise mobility market? What are the advantages of developing Android apps for businesses?

The global workplace mobility market was valued at $19.65 billion in 2019, according to certain sources. This is not all; by 2027, the mobility market will have grown significantly.

Enterprise benefits of Android app development



Privacy is one of the most important advantages of enterprise Android apps. Employees were previously concerned that the company's IT administrators had access to their device as the BYOD culture grew in popularity. However, the situation is very different because IT administrators only have access to the app data and none of the personal data.


Exceptional Return on Investment

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is simple to use and free to download. Enterprise app development services and enterprise mobile app development companies can save money by using this method. By easing user engagement and providing developers with design material to build and test products for, the tool increases the high ROI.


Simple Integration

Enterprise Android app development allows for the creation of a single integrated solution. Customer relationship management (CRM) software on Android is effortlessly linked with a marketing automation suite, a human resource management system, and other services using enterprise software development services. This integrated system ensures a smooth flow of information throughout the organization's many departments.


Presence across multiple platforms

With enterprise android application development, businesses may target a variety of platforms because the app can be easily ported to different operating systems. Many tools and popular Android libraries aid in the development of cutting-edge and productive apps in less time and provide developers with reusable code that can be used across numerous platforms.



Android development apps for businesses are versatile and agile. The app is designed to work with any Android technology and devices, including smartphones, AR and VR headsets, IoT devices, wearables, and more. This expands the opportunities for enterprises that may fulfil several functions.


Problems with Enterprise Android Apps Deployment

Despite the fact that investors are pouring money into making Android the most popular operating system, there are still some concerns. Similarly, only a few major mobile phone manufacturers agree to Android's terms and conditions. However, other corporations have recently followed suit, and we expect the target to be met by the end of the year. Second, phone manufacturers must have the bare minimum of hardware and software support in order to deploy at the enterprise level.


Is Android safe to use?

This is a question that most business owners and staff ponder. Let's look into this and see how any hazards might be mitigated.

A) Encryption 

Device-wide encryption should be implemented in order to secure the security of data. When it comes to encrypting a computer, the procedure is very same.

B) Personal and professional data separation

For smooth operation, personal and professional data should be kept separate at the corporate level. The IT administrator should make sufficient arrangements for the separation of personal and work information.

Android has a bright future ahead of it, and it may be used in businesses. Syoft is the finest option if you are a business owner interested in taking advantage of android app development. We have a proven track record of developing world-class enterprise Android apps that have set new standards.


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