Cloud Migration Services

Get the most out of your IT ecosystem leveraging modern cloud platforms and services. Our battle-tested cloud experts will help you migrate to or between clouds with no hassle or business disruption

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What We Do

As a cloud migration services provider, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions for public, hybrid & private cloud infrastructures. Our services include end-to-end support & guidance on all stages of the process - from application assessment for cloud migration to post-migration support.

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What You Get

Secure and cost-efficient application migration to cloud, avoiding data loss & service disruption. Our proven frameworks, strategies, automated tools and vast expertise will help you achieve your business goals. We ensure the migration goes smoothly and no operations are interrupted.

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managed Migration services

cloud migration Services

Our certified experts leverage the most effective approaches and frameworks, allowing prompt and seamless transition of the workload of any scale and complexity to the cloud. As a cloud migration company, we perform the application virtualization and further redeployment in the public cloud as well as provide partial migration (hybrid solution), multi-cloud solutions or build private clouds from scratch. While performing the migration we also bring in Infrastructure automation and CI/CD practices where applicable and provide further infrastructure support and cost optimization to make sure you get the most out of your new cloud infrastructure.


legacy workload refactoring

We have been dealing with hundreds of monoliths and legacy workloads and have performed full re-architecting activities to modernize infrastructures & apps to safeguard efficient legacy application migration to cloud. Our cloud architects run a thorough discovery of existing architecture to uncover all the peculiarities and improvement points and create a re-architecting strategy that will ensure that the legacy applications & databases can be easily migrated to cloud and will further leverage all cloud infrastructure advantages.

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Cloud Migration Roadmap


Our cloud engineers work closely with you to determine requirements & expectations, envision migration strategy and mitigate data loss & service disruption risks.

This stage includes such steps:
  • –°urrent infrastructure, its dependencies & environments analysis
  • Best-fit tech stack selection & infrastructure architecture design
  • Defining migration strategy and step-by-step plan


During this stage, we perform an end-to-end transition to the cloud in full accordance with the requirements, strategy, and plan defined during the assessment.

This stage includes such steps:
  • Building the required cloud infrastructure, rearchitecting activities
  • Thorough testing of the new infrastructure against agreed KPIs
  • Transition to the cloud, gradual cutover, and finally domain switch


Post-migration support includes ongoing activities for ensuring the new infrastructure compliance with your expectations and its optimal performance & costs.

This stage includes the following activities:
  • Cost monitoring and optimization
  • Advanced cloud performance analytics
  • Maintenance and support

cloud migration consulting

infrastructure tech vision

Well thought-out cloud infrastructure architecture is essential for IT operations efficiency. Our team of cloud engineers can both help you elaborate the state-of-the-art infrastructure concept that perfectly fits your requirements, and check the existing vision for possible vulnerabilities to safeguard your infrastructure resilience and sustainability. We will find the perfect mix of established & cutting-edge technologies and architecture approaches including microservices, serverless, Kubernetes, GitOps, etc. to provide detailed recommendations on the best-fit Cloud environment setup.

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cloud migration strategy

The more complex your current infrastructure and the more ambitious your future plans are, the more challenges the migration process can hold. So, a well-thought-out strategy and thorough cloud migration planning are essential. Our experts will carefully analyze all the inputs including your current set-up, business & technical requirements, future infrastructure vision, operational interdependencies, etc. and plan your migration end-to-end to ensure the migration goes smoothly and safeguard that the new infrastructure starts to deliver value as early as possible.


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workloads of diverse scale





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philosophy and vision


  • Tailor-made solutions & focus on delivering value, not just performing the tasks
  • Finding new ideas & the most effective solutions for your individual case
  • Continuous optimization and enhancement of service delivery & performance


  • Regular status updates & reporting at different management levels
  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing with full expenditure reports
  • PM tools of your choice (Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps) & clear project flow tracking


  • Focus on helping you achieve your business goals - both current and long-term
  • Battle-tested enterprise cloud migration processes for uninterrupted service & quality
  • Rigid quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


What customers say about us

Every business needs appreciation and we're lucky to be blessed with a team that carries the same spirit as the Top management. Here are a few of the testimonials we received from our diverse clientele. We view them as energy boosters and drive us to outperform.

Children's Hospital
Syoft has made the seamless transition possible
Nowadays, an organization must be ready to work from anywhere, securely and without limitation. Syoft has made this possible for our organization and employees. We had a seamless transistion all along. Thank you Team Syoft.
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Team is a Pro at Design and Development aspects!
Team Syoft has provided excellent support since our website creation and continued to assist with the design and development of our website as its functionality grew. We are confident that the appearance and user-friendliness of our company's website have helped us establish credibility among our clients and customers as well as expand our reach.
Essentials Jewelry
Stone Manufacturing
Service delivery is top-notch!
Syoft has excellent technology professionals who take time to understand your precise business needs, and offer quality advice along and also deliver top notch Apps that can compete with any other global app. On a scale of 10, I give Syoft, a 10.
Hotel Booking App
Best place for SAAS Company!
Syoft team completes the journey of taking an idea from concept to development. They were always ready to help us with new methods and were willing to try novel approaches, workshops and exercises. We were definitely impressed by the intellectual rigor that goes behind their mind set and organizational workflow.
Service Booking Softwarer
Delightful experience with best tech team
Well, working with Syoft on our app was delightful. From the first meeting to the launch of the app, the development team was very forthcoming and active. Team Syoft knows its craft and are experts at iPhone and Android app development. We started with an iPhone app, and now we have built apps on Android, iPad, Tablet, Kindle and the Web with Syoft.

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